Question to Help You Get Started

Who...What...Where...   When...Why...How...

When .........?

did it happen. start, end, die, occur, change
was it made, started, changed, developed
is  it used, not used, helpful, harmful
is it dangerous, safe, important, useful
was he,she, it born, made, created
did he, she, it, they do it
is it best, worst,
is it used or not used
is it best to ____
shouldn't you or should you ____
was it written, performed,used, developed

Why ..........?

should we be concerned about ____
are there different types  of ____
should it concern you
is it regulated, controlled, guarded,
did it happen
do ____ have ____
is  it made, developed, changed, used
are ____ able to ____
is it good, bad. beautiful, strong, weak
do____ need ____
is it important, not important
is it safe to ____
was it successful, unsuccessful
didn't it work, change, make a difference
could it happen again, not happen again
is there ____
did - he, she, they, do - it
can't it be done or can it be done
has ____ changed, moved,
does ____ happen, not happen
did it succeed or fail, hurt or help,
is ____ necessary for ____
was it written ,  said, done, developed
does it work or not work
do some ____ and others ____
does it help or hinder
do we need ____
does it change or not change
is  ____ best or worst
was it invented, used, developed, made
does a ____ use ____
do we ____ or don't we ____
was it destroyed, injured, broken, fixed,
are they happy, sad, feeling the way they do
is it so difficult to ____
is ____ important today
was ____ important in the past
are ____ opposed to ____
do ____ support ____

How .........?

how do ____ and ____ communicate
do you classify ____
do you avoid ____
do different ____ affect ____
does it work
long will ____ last
long have ____ existed
many products are made from ____
how can it be increased
does it happen
is it made, used, fixed,  measured
has ____ influenced ____
did it start, end
has ____ changed, not changed
has ____ changed over time
can it be increased, decreased
would you measure ____
can it help or hurt 
reliable is ____
long, high, wide, deep, thick, big, small is it
does ____ grow in ____
does a ____ work, function, operated, live
do you protect ____
is formed, destroyed, transformed,
do you handle ____
has ____ evolved, changed, stayed the same
should you respond to ____
can it be broken, fixed, made better
does ____ affect ____
can it be secured, increased, decreased, moved
do ____ live, survive, grow, increase,
much ____ does it take to ____
does it work, live, grow, function,
do you use ____
is the rate of ____ affected by ____
do ____ work best
much can affect ____
do you tell the difference between ____ and ____
can you become a ____
do ____  and ____compare in size, shape, form
does ____ prevent ____
can you control, maintain, constrain it
can ____ be identified, measured, changed
will adding ____ affect ____
do they work, operate, function, perform
strong  or weak is it
is ____possible, not possible
are standards set for____
do we know ____ is true
can we distinguish between ____ and ____
can I ____
do you ____
long will it take ____ to grow, increase, change
many kinds of ____ are there
can you predict ____

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Other Questions ????

Do all use or have the same____
Can ____ live without ____
Can ____ work without ____
Can you determine the effect of ____ on ____
Are ____ different from ____
Is there a relationship between ____ and ____
Will ____ help, hurt, increase, decrease
Will ____ effect it
Does the amount of ____ affect ____
Are ____ safe, dangerous, useful, necessary
Are ____ valid, true, in existence
Are ____ in existence
Is there anyone who ____
Is there any thing that ____
Is there any research supporting ____
Is there any news about ____
Has there been any change in ____
Will ____ ever change, stay the same, move
Will ____ ever happen again
Is it safe, unsafe safe
Is it enough, not enough
Is it worth it, not worth it
Can you explain the reasons for____
Can you explain ____
Can you describe, justify, measure ____
Is there any value in ____
Is there any reason, use or justification  for ____
If it happened once, can it happen again
Can you state the consequences of ____
Are there questions that should be asked about it
Which is most or least economical

Does it make sense to ____
Is it worth it, not worth it
Will there be____ in the future
Was there ____ in the past
Do ____ serve any purpose
Did you know that ____
Can ____ be used to ____
Which type of ____ produces the most ____
Is there an answer for ____
Are there different viewpoints for ____
Does ____ react to ____
Which has the most or least  ____
Which is the best or worst ____
Which is the Fastest or slowest ____
Does it matter
Does it make a difference
Does it cause a reaction
Does it influence the behavior of ____
Is there such a thing as ____
Is it found in ____
Is it significant, not significant
Is it necessary
Can you put it in perspective
Are there unanswered questions about it
Are you sure about it
If you could____ would you
Is it true that ____
If there wasn't ____ could it still live, work
Is there anything else
Did I miss anything
Did I forget anything

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