Project Ideas
Finding a Topic and Suggestions for Written,
Visual and Performing Arts Projects
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Multimedia and Sound Project Ideas

Then take a look at

Who, What, Where, or  When, Why, How

For sample questions to help you get started

Finding a Topic

Brainstorm - Write down as many words that come to mind on a topic

Think about what might interest you

Look at the index, glossary, or bold headings in the text you are using or related text

Look up a general topic in  a dictionary or encyclopedia

Browse a subject directory on the internet: Yahoo, Librarians Index to the Internet, or LookSmart

Look in a  newspaper or  magazine for a topic

Ask questions: Ask your teacher, your friends, or an expert for ideas

Browse the Dewey Decimal System for ideas

Search a keyword or phrase on Google, Altavista, or  Startspot and look for ideas


The Planning Cycle may also help you get started on your project and organized

For help on what type of project to do try A Taxonomy of WebQuest Tasks

Project Ideas

Written Project Ideas

Create an Advertising Plan

Write an Autobiography, Biography, Poem, Story
Business Plan for real or fictitious business
Compile a Web Resource Links List
Compile a list of Reference Resources
Create a Cookbook
Write and Editorial, Essay, Song, Article
Create a Flyer or Pamphlet
Write a Letter - complaint, support, describing trip,
Detail in a journal - daily events or observations
Write a Lesson plan
Resume- true or fictitious for  living or historical figure
Create a Marketing Plan - real or fictitious product
Create a User or Instruction Manual
Develop a Safety Manual for a company or process
Write a Press Release for real or fictions business or product
Create a Newspaper or Training Manual
Research a Topic
Develop a Solution to a problem
Compare and Contrast products, businesses, objects
Analyze or Describe  a person, place, or thing
Compare and Contrast  persons, places, or things
Study and record observations of a person, place, or thing
Describe the current research, opinion, news,  topic
Describe the steps in doing something
Describe the recent changes in something
Write personal opinion about something
Describe the problem with a person place or thing
Describe how something looks, feels, tastes, smells

Useful Web Resources

Academic Resource Links
Business Plan Examples
English Topics
Comprehensive Poetry Links
Copyright Lesson
Guide to Grammar and Writing
Letters and Letter Writing
Links to Search Engines
Links to Writing Resources
Literature Topics
Literary Resources on the Net
Planning Cycle
Questioning Toolkit
Recipe Links
Reporter's Desktop
Research Manual
Research Paper Guide
Research Project -
So You Have to do a Project
Resume Writing Links
Safety Resources

Visual and Performing Projects

Develop Advertisement for a product,  production, business
Create a Comic Strip, Poster,  Cartoon
Draw Graphs or Charts
Create a Collage of  photos, words,  objects
Design a 3-D Scale Model
Draw a Blueprint for house or project
Make, Build, or Design something
Make a Movie or Video, slide show
Perform a dance or play
Create a Floral Design, Jewelry, Sculpture, Costume
Create a Landscape or Garden Design
Make a 3-D Model of a person, place, or thing
Draw a picture. map, diagram
Demonstrate a procedure
Use Photographs or pictures to explain an event or process
Perform a Play or Skit,  Song,  Pantomime
Create a Story Board
Design box or container for a product
Paint a picture or scenery for a play
Show how something occurs
Demonstrate how something works
Design or create a miniature
Debate a Topic
Create a Web Quest

Useful Web Resources

A Taxonomy of WebQuest Tasks
Links to Visual Arts  Resources
Links to Performing Project Resources
Film and Photography Links
Clipart, Image and Photograph Links
Study of Film
Photography Composition
Styles and Movements in Photography
Music and Dance - Voice of the Shuttle
Music and Instruments of the World
TheatrePedia - Theater Links
Song Lyrics
Method Acting Procedures
Drawing Floor Plans
Plans for Toys, Furniture, Houses, etc
Making an Ikebana Floral Arrangement
Landscaping and Nursery Information
Costumes and Clothing
Learn About Debating - Debate Central

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