Project Ideas
Finding a Topic and Suggestions for
Multimedia and Sound

Visual and Performing Arts Projects

Composite and Multimedia

PowerPoint Presentation
Create a Web page
Demonstrate how you do something
Do a Science Experiment
Make a Visual and Oral Presentation
Teach a Class using demonstration or visuals
Demonstrate a Procedure
Design and  Build a Project
Science Fair Project
Create Design Run Experiment
Create Newspaper
Create Magazine
Design a Pamphlet
Write and Perform a play, musical score
Demonstrate how to do or make something
Demonstrate Safety Procedures

Study, records and analyze

Useful Web Resources

Making a Power Point Presentation
Creating a Web Page
Graphic Arts Resources :Links
Journalism Resource links
Carpentry Project Links
Science Fair Project Links
Film and Photography Links
Clipart, Image and Photograph Links
Oral Presentation Learning Resources
Virtual Presentation Assistant
How to Get Things Done

Projects Involving Sound

Sing a Song
Play a musical instrument
Conduct an Interview
Make an audio presentation
Present a lesson
Teach a Class about ....
Give instructions on how to do something
Read a poem, story, letter, journal
Present a Reader's Theater
Create a Radio Program
Play Music
Record and Identify Sounds

Useful Web Resources

Links to Sound and Radio Resources
Links to Performing Arts Resources
Links to Lesson Plans
Links to Interviewing
Links to Making Presentations
How Stuff Works
Music and Dance - Voice of the Shuttle
Teaching and Persuasive Communication

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